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Raphaela Zaruha

Social Media Strategist

Social Raph lives and breathes social media. Hence, her nickname! Raphaela joined the Marketing team at G&N in May of 2018. As a recent Marketing graduate, she is thrilled to use her knowledge and expertise in this field. She loves coming into work everyday (clichè, I know, but not at G&N). She really, really loves her job! It’s hard not to when you’re doing amazing work with amazing people. 

Favorite Things:

  • City Skylines - my ultimate favorite in the whole world! I lose my mind every time I see the skyline of NYC. Any other city is okay too, but NOTHING beats NYC. NOTHING. 
  • Books! I LOVE reading. I sound like a nerd, but learning new things is my fav. Education is very important to me, so I always try to read new books.
  • Starbucks Cold Brew coffee. I can't live without it. I can't live without caffeine period.
  • Bagels. No comment necessary. 
  • Binge-watching Netflix
  • Spending time with my boyfriend!!
  • Honestly, mimosas and mojitos. If I could be a drink, I would be those two.


  • Reading 
  • SHOPPING. Addicted to buying new clothes.
  • Traveling and visiting new places with my boyfriend!
  • Love love love taking pictures and videos. I love capturing things in the moment. 
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