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Kate Guida

Senior Account Manager
kate guida Kate Bobblehead kate guida

Kate is a working from home mother of two and she excels at multitasking and time management. Regardless if it is work or family-related, Kate can manage doing several tasks at once and prioritizes the work that needs to be done. She uses the same skills managing her work flow for her clients as she does managing her children’s needs. It can be a challenge, but one she succeeds at daily. At the end of the day, Kate does not rest until all her tasks are complete. She feels most successful when both her job is completed timely and accurately; and her home and family is happy and organized.

Favorite Things:

  • Music. Kate enjoys listening to all types of music and going to see live music.
  • Travel.  She loves to travel with her husband, family, and friends.  New adventures in new places is amazing.
  • Red Sox.  While Kate doesn't see as many games as she would like to now with children, she used to see 20-25 games a season and visit spring training in Ft Myers every year, she now sees a handful of games each year.
  • The beach is her favorite place to be.


  • Music.  Kate sees many live music shows, both small and large venues, all kinds of music.
  • Gardening.  She enjoys gardening at her home, springtime flower planting.
  • Food and travel.  Kate loves to try new food and restaurants and travelling to new locations.  A lot of her trips are based around food and music.
  • Her children.  Taking her kids on new adventures that they are interested in.
  • Spending time with her closest friends and family.  Back yard bbq's, concerts, family dinners, celebrating birthdays and holidays.