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Zack Gould

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Large breakfasts, podcasts, espresso, and Celtics basketball: The Zack Gould Starter Pack. You’ll never find Zack not moving or planning. He is always thinking about the next fun idea to create impact, or mission to accomplish.

 In 2005 at the University of Connecticut, Zack was pulled into a meeting with his Risk Management Insurance professor and told to pursue sales instead of a career in underwriting. Thankfully, he listened. After graduating, Zack began his career at Liberty Mutual in outside sales, and he was awarded the National Rookie of the Year in 2007. Beyond that, the biggest reward from his tenure was meeting his future business partner, Matt Naimoli. Together, they left Liberty Mutual and opened G&N Insurance in 2010.

 Zack’s primary role at G&N is Business Development and Marketing. He is passionate about growth through social media, referral relationships, and brand strategy.

Favorite Things:

  • Traveling the world with his family and friends. Spots that currently top his list of favorites include Lake Tahoe, Kiawah Island, Scottsdale, and Amsterdam.
  • Spending time with his children, Mason and Emma, his Wheaten Terrier, Kenzie, and his wife and biggest supporter, KG.
  • Lengthy text chains with his friends about the Celtics and Golf, the important topics to debate.


  • Cooking
  • Podcasts/Audible
  • Golf, Celtics, Patriots