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Monica Adwani

Sales Manager
Monica Adwani Monica Bobblehead Monica Adwani

Monica was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts 10 years ago with one dream: success. In many ways, she has achieved her dream- she’s a single mother of a beautiful girl, she has made wonderful friends, she found a career that she’s passionate about, and after a couple of searches she finally found a working-family that is amazing. Her dedication, honesty, and determination helps her succeed in everything she puts her mind into. Monica always has a “can-do” attitude and is never afraid of facing new challenges. She’s always in a “Wepaaaaaaa” mood and let’s not forget she is always wearing the “right” shoes!

Favorite Things:

  • Color: Black.
  • Food: All except Dairy.
  • Places She Love's to Visit: Puerto Rico & Falmouth.
  • Places on Bucket List: Australia, Iceland, Russia, Lebanon.
  • Sailing and Scuba Diving.


  • Eat & Cooking, discover new restaurants and diverse food.
  • Go on Landscape Adventures.
  • Listening to Music.