Purchase Insurance With Confidence


What deductible should I carry on my car insurance? I’m considering buying soon, what should I do first? How can I make my insurance less expensive? What’s an umbrella policy and do I need one? What is the difference between an online provider and the insurance providers an agency writes for? When should I file a claim? When is it a good idea? Who should I call in the event of a claim? How does insurance play a part in the registration of my new car? What is the rule of thumb for determining how much I should budget for insurance? How do I get a quote for my auto and home insurance? Is there a cancellation policy for changing insurance companies? My child is getting their permit. What should I expect to do for my insurance? What factors impact the cost of a home insurance policy? Do I need a different policy to insure my rental property? How much do I need to insure my home for? Does my home insurance cover flood? What is the purpose of having an independent insurance agent? How does home insurance play a part in the home buying process? How is my jewelry covered? What are the main coverages on a home insurance policy? Do I really need renters insurance? How much liability insurance should I carry? What are common insurance endorsements that I should consider adding? Which factors impact my car insurance premium the most? Are there any credits or discounts that I am eligible for? Does my car insurance policy cover glass damage? What are my billing options? What are the major risk factors when applying for home insurance: Do I need flood insurance: What do I need to insure my condo properly? How Do I know what kind of coverage is appropriate? How do I know which insurance company is right for me?